Thursday, 26 July 2018

Swapper for Root v3.0.15 APK Latest Download Free For Android

Swapper for Root APK

Swapper for Root APK is a very helpful application for the Android users, which is latest developed by Devlab Technologies for Android and tablet devices. What is Swapper and what does it work on android phone and tablets. Here we are going to share some specifications about it, I hope you will better understand after reading it. When you use internet on your smartphone or you open some files on your device it will create dump files and it can create a flaw inflow of speed. When that unknown files will create on your phone then your phone speed or performance will be slow. You have to manually delete that files one by one, but don’t worry this application is specially created for this purpose. This application automatically removes that all files and your phone space will save.

Features of Swapper for Root

  • This app will increase swap size, the default is 60 and max are 60. 
  • You can also set according to your own way
  • This application lets you to root and kernel support
  • It need not create a partition of your SD
  • Very easy and helpful app for all Android users
  • Small in size and free for download
If you use another app to swap your phone memory, then you have to create a swap partition on your SD Card. Swapper for root tool has no need to create any partition on your phone memory. Make sure that, you have to root your phone before installing this tool and it also required kernel swap support. This will expand the Swap size and swap size can be configured according to your desire. You can increase swap size when you need, by the way, the default value of swap size is 60. This application also need not create partitions on SD, it manages the already created partition. So if you want to get this application on your device, then it is absolutely free available on our site for download. Just click on the given link and install the app with a very easy method.


Swapper for Root File Information 

Developer >> Devlab Technologies
Version >> 3.0.15
Size >> 3.4 MB
Required System >> All Android Operating System
Cost >> Free

[ Download ] >> Swapper for Root APK
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